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I have set before thee an open door and no man can shut it … Revelations 3:8 

Pastor Dele Olowu

Pastor Dele Olowu

Continental Overseer,

RCCG Europe

Whenever there is a siege, an open door breaks the siege and ushers us through into a new beginning. This is our hope for the new month as we move past the one year anniversary of Russia-Ukraine war that has claimed an estimated 100,000 plus soldiers on each side, exclusive of civilian casualties of 40,000.

Also, the Nigerian general elections are under way. Even though they are yet to be fully determined, its become clear that the outcome has the potential to open the door for a new beginning not only for the masses of people in Africa’s largest economy and country but for all Africans. It could even have implications for a new world order as thisnation finally takes her place in the comity of nations. .   

The word coming from the Lord is one of Open Doors and Breakthrough to a new beginning for His children.   

Our heavenly Father heard our cries for mercy and decided to give us an Open Door out of the continuing vicious cycle of violence, insecurity, hopelessness, poverty and wickedness. As happened for the oppressed people of Israel after 430 years of servitude, He had respect on our many prayers and raised a leader in a Moses who led His people out of Egypt. Moses had a clear message from the Lord: Let my people go that they may serve Me. Ex. 8.1. Similarly, in this new month, God has given us an open door that no one can shut! Rev. 3.8 But we all must understand and embrace the purpose of the breakthrough --to serve Him with the best of our resources in pursuit of God’s Kingdom agenda of RIGHTEOUSNESS or God’s PRESENCE, PEACE and PROSPERITY ( Is. 48: 17-18, 1 Tim. 2: 1-4, 2 Jn 3.2). Every leader in all circumstances must roll out their plans for these three -fold Kingdom agenda in all domains. Their followers and all citizens must challenge and encourage them to lead them in this direction beginning from this month.   

As we arrive in this last month of the first quarter, national, family, community, profit and not-for -profit organizations leaders at all levels should seek direction for a new beginning if we are yet to cast our new year vision or receive one from the Lord for our domains. Be assured of the Lord’s help as you ask for more of His anointing for increased Wisdom, Stature, Favor with God and Man.   

Welcome to the month of Breakthrough for a new beginning.  

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