We are a church that believes the bible is the written and revealed word of God and was written by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, we believe in the ONE Trinity.


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Redeemed Christian Church of God, Europe Mainland Mission |  Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever - Hebrews 13:8

Every time the Lord would like to turn around the situation of His people He would find a person who can see into the realm of the spirit, the realm in which God operates and expects us to operate as creations after His likeness (Gen. 1.27, Jn.4.24).

Our God is all-powerful. All heaven sings of His omnipotent reign night and day (Rev. 119.5-6). It is also our reality from year to year as we see His hand accomplish great and incredible things in our lives. However, the Lord of heaven is limited if we are unable to see and align with what He wants to accomplish in our lives. We might end up frustrating His plans and purposes.

God is interested in what I see in the spirit for the new year for five main reasons. First, God constantly releases grace for vision to His people but we must be well attuned to see what He is revealing to us. As each year starts the Lord shows us what He wants to accomplish in the spirit through us as He needs our concurrence so we don’t resist Him (Amos 3.3, 7). The one who is not a child of God cannot understand or discern it as God works through revelation by His Spirit among His people (Rom. 8.14). Secondly and thirdly, vision determines our motivation and the sacrifices we need or are prepared to make to realize that vision. Fourthly the vision also determines our pursuit of that vision because any vision not pursued would never be realized. And God hates waste. Finally, vision determines what God and man sign up to accomplish within the time frame of reference. For this year, you need a clear understanding of the Lord’s vision for you. How do I discover this?

First, agree with the prophetic declaration that this is your year of great turn around. Determine the areas in which you need a great turn around. Second, make a plan by the power of the Lord’s spirit n you. Thirdly, ask Him for help concerning the resources to carry out this vision, after you have done an honest review of your own resources you are willing to commit to the vision. Devote yourself DILIGENTLY to the actualization of this plan in every way and especially in the place of prayer and see how the Lord makes these plans to come to pass in His own time. (Eccl. 3.1,11, Heb.11.1).

The army of Israel saw an unbeatable giant and champion Goliath but David saw an uncircumcised Philistine who was defying the armies of the Lord. You know the outcome of that battle. The people of Jericho got nothing from the visit of the one they referred to as Jesus of Nazareth to their city. Blind Bartimeus(BB) on the other hand saw the greatest King of kings—referred in the Jewish culture as the Son of David, who accomplishes much more than Israel’s greatest king—come to town. BB was determined to secure multiple miracles that lead to a great turn around for his life and destiny. And, this was because he had made up his mind that despite living in a cursed city, blind, poor and hated due to his state and status he would serve the God of Israel. You know that he achieved his vision, though blind. Why? Because he pursued that vision with passion.

Welcome to your new month and year of VISION AND PURSUIT FOR GREAT TURN AROUND. The year of miracles that bring multiple joys and victories to you and all yours.



Yours in His love:

D. Olowu

January 1, 2020