I am the Almighty God, walk before me and be thou perfect. Genesis 17:1


For as many as are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God. Romans. 8: 14

Pastor Dele Olowu

Pastor Dele Olowu

Continental Overseer,

RCCG Europe

Congratulations for entering to the second half of the year. The Lord has done great things for us in the first half of the year. The seventh month signifies a move towards perfection or excellence. To arrive at perfection He challenges us to do three things.

First, we must, like Abram, rediscover who our God is--the El-Shadai, who is more than enough for all our needs. Also the Omnipotent and Omniscient with power and knowledge to do all things. In His wisdom he committed all authority to rule and reign in our world to us-hence His title as King of kings with a passion for excellence (Gen. 1.28, 31; Rev. 1.6, 19.6).


Second, we need a new walk before Him. As His children we have the capacity to walk or live like ordinary men and women in all forms of fleshly carnality but also by His Spirit by whom we were born into His Kingdom. The flesh and the spirit are contradictory to each other (Gal. 5.16). As the Lord told Abram and the Lord Jesus Christ His disciples several centuries later, the flesh profits NOTHING: only the spirit in us can give life…and that is when our spirits are led by God’s spirit (His words) that we can become His witnesses (Jn. 6.63; Acts 1.8). We all know that Abram was combining His obedience to God’s word with the dictates of the flesh, when he fathered a child by his maid at the instance of his wife to help God fulfil His plans to give them a son (Gen.16). This was why the Lord re-introduced Himself to Abram as He is doing to us all this month. The Lord’s disciples were also quarrelling for positions before He left and could not even pray for one hour at the garden of Gethsemane. Only by submitting to the daily directions of God’s Spirit that we become not just children but grown up sons of God, like Christ to inherit His Kingdom blessings in this world like Him (Christ). Rom. 8.14-17.

Thirdly, our goal and vision in whatever realm from this month must now be perfection. We are take responsibility for bringing His kingdom agenda to bear in that realm using all the resources He has given to us as His quality Ambassadors. We are mandated to ‘occupy’ until He comes irrespective of the opposition to that kingdom agenda (Lk. 19: 12-14; Mt. 6.33).


The good news is that in the first half of the year, God’s people around the world are waking up to the need to live and work in unity across nations, colour, languages and denominations to promote God’s kingdom agenda so we can be effectively relevant and impactive in this world. The Lord is calling us in the second half higher qualitative commitment. We must invest our God-given resources of time, talents, treasures and spiritual gifts to engage His kingdom agenda, knowing fully well that as we give Him pleasure He would we would experience full pleasure and great joy as in the original garden of Eden (pleasure). (Gen. 2: 8-10; Ps. 16.11, Rev. 4:11)


Most importantly we are to discover, develop and deploy or use our spiritual gifts to bring the Lord’s joy to our homes, neighbourhoods, cities and nations like the early followers of the Lord: Joseph, Daniel, the Hebrew children in exile, Samuel, David, Deborah, the Lord’s disciples, Philip, Ananias of Damascus etc. We must also use our words to create our worlds through prayer, praise and prophetic utterances. Faith and fasting might be needed to actualize these goals this month to secure our homes, churches, cities and nations for the Prince of Peace to reign (Mt. 17.20-21).


Welcome to the month of New Beginning Towards Perfection