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Our History in Europe


​The Europe Mainland (EM) Region was created in August 2002 in the city of Paris, France by the General Overseer of the RCCG Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye. At that time, the RCCG was present in only 5 countries on the European Continent. These were Belgium, France, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands. One year afterwards, the European Biennial Convention (EUROCON) was launched as an outreach program in collaboration with other churches and ministries.


EuroCon, as it is called, is held once every two years from 2001. Since its inception, the Convention was rotated among the countries in Europe and held in the following cities and years: Den Haag, Netherlands (2001), Den Haag (2003), Antwerp, Belgium (2005), Milan (2007), Madrid, Spain (2009), Den Haag (2011, 2013), Amsterdam, Netherlands (2015, 2017) and Utrecht, Netherlands (2019). The last convention was rescheduled for 2022 due to the Covid-19 pandemic and was held in Amsterdam. The 2024 edition holds in Madrid, Spain. The European Congress for Christ cuts across denominational barriers and involves many churches in Europe.


At each of these events, many miracles and signs were recorded and many issues were discussed in-depth. The Lord has used these events to bless the church and by the time we celebrated 10 years, RCCG had parishes in as many as 46 out of a total of 54 countries on the continent. This led the authorities of the Global Mission to divide the region into 3 in 2014. Pastor Leke Sanusi was appointed as the Regional Pastor for the Southern Countries with the Headquarters in Madrid, Spain while Pastor Sola Oludoyi became the Regional Pastor for the countries in the North, with its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. This development was a significant boost to the European work.


In recent times, to accommodate the current expansion and growth of the church, and to keep the leadership close to the parishes, 5 new regions were created in July 2021 bringing the total number of regions in Europe mainland to 8 regions with almost 300 Parishes. A new Continental structure was equally adopted in 2021 and the mainland countries became a part of the RCCG Europe continent, which comprises Europe Mainland, United Kingdom and The Republic of Ireland. The administrative headquarters was located at the RCCG House of Wonders, Amsterdam, Netherlands, with Pastor Dele Olowu serving as pioneer Continental Overseer. He was assisted by Pastor Leke Sanusi (Deputy Continental Overseer), Pastor David Sola Oludoyi (Assistant Continental Overseer or ACO), Pastor Andrew Adeleke (ACO), Pastor Kola Bamigbade (ACO), Pastor Bioye Segun (ACO), Pastor Tunde Adebayo-Oke (ACO), Pastor Femi Popoola (ACO) and Pastor Janet Adedipe (ACO).


In 2023, upon the retirement of Pastor Dele Olowu, the General Overseer appointed new leaders for RCCG Europe Continent, effective January 2024. Pastor Leke Sanusi now serves as the incumbent Continental Overseer for RCCG Europe and the administrative headquarters has equally moved to the United Kingdom. He is assisted by Pastor David Sola Oludoyi (DCO), all other ACOs and the newly appointed Regional Pastors that oversee the mainland regions. These include Pastor Bola Lasisi (EM REGION 1 or EMR1), Pastor Abraham Rogers (EMR2), Pastor Zion Okuneye (EMR3), Pastor Ken Lewis (EMR5), Pastor Mike Nwanegbo (EMR6), Pastor Ade Olusola (EMR7), and Pastor Paul Awede (EMR8).


In addition to EUROCON, The Leadership & Ministers' Conference has also held bi-annually since 2010. These conferences have been held in different cities such as  Denmark (2010), Paris (2012), Warsaw (2014), Valencia (2016), and Helsinki, Finland (2018). The Festival of Life Outreaches were also added in 2016 (Stockholm) and Berlin (2018). A special Festival of life Conference was held in Israel in 2017 and recently in 2023. In 2022, a special Festival of Life conference took place in Bratislava, Slovakia in partnership with Grace Fellowship and a network of indigenous churches who had specifically invited Pastor E.A. Adeboye to minister to them.


In all these events, we have witnessed the mighty hand of God doing wonders and extraordinary miracles and signs that prove beyond doubt that the Lord of Hosts is alive and glorious. The EM has been blessed immensely through these regular visits of the General Overseer and Mother in Israel, Pastors Enoch and Folu Adeboye.


Our brethren in the global headquarters and the Central Missions Board, several regions and provinces of the RCCG, as well as our brethren in RCCG United Kingdom, The Republic of Ireland and The United States of America have all strongly supported the vision and work on this continent. We also recognize the ministries and churches that have stood by us in all these years such as Samen Kerk In Nederland (SKIN), River Amsterdam Church in more recent times and the ministry of Pastor John Engels and Ben Kroeske. We believe there are greater days ahead of us all and that together, we will continue to make impact for Christ on this continent in Jesus Mighty name, Amen!


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