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Matthew 13:3-9

Jesus told a parable... "Behold A sower went out to sow. Some fell in a way side.....some fell on a stony ground.....some fell among thorns......some fell on a good ground and brought forth fruit, some an hundred fold, some sixty fold and some thirty fold. He who has an ear let him ear" paraphrased.

We often focus on the various categories of ground enumerated in this great parable told by our Lord Jesus Christ Himself but care must be taken to see that what is more important is the sower himself. A sower never loses. A sower never lacks. A sower can never be poor and A sower will never beg. Irrespective of the seeds wasted and irrespective of the different grounds what came from the seeds that fell on a good ground more than compensated for the seeds wasted on the first three wrong grounds - some thirty fold, some sixty fold or even a hundred fold. Jesus never jokes with words. He meant every word and every figure He spoke. 

As a sower sows, he is bound to reap.

Genesis 8:22 says clearly the seed time and the harvest time will not cease ... There is he that scatters and yet increases and there is he that withholds more than it is meet and tends to poverty. Proverbs 11:25.

European convention 2019 is a fertile ground to sow.


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