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The European Mission of the Redeemed Christian Church of God has identified the need of training missionaries and church planters that are already living in Europe, to avoid the ever-increasing difficulty in obtaining visa for missionaries from Nigeria and to increase the success rate by sending out people that already have experience with the European culture. For this reason, the EM School of Missions was formed. The School held its first course in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in October – November 2013.

The course was set up as a series of lectures and assignments, covering the most important aspects of missionary work and church planting in Europe. The focus of the course was mainly practical. The period of teaching was 6 weeks. In the second stage of the work the students will go into the field and will start the work of mission / church planting under close supervision of the School and the RCCG leadership involved.

The subjects taught in the following subjects:

  • European history and culture

  • General management, project management and team building

  • Media, missions and business

    • Computer literacy, use of online EM reporting and remittance system

    • Use of social media, written communication

  • Legal aspects of missions / church planting

  • Leadership

  • Christian counselling

  • Conflict management in the church

  • Homiletics

  • Cross-cultural missions

  • RCCG doctrine

  • Mission through social action

The first course was attended by 5 students. Because of the small number of students the interaction between the students and the teachers and among the students themselves was optimal.

The teaching sessions were recorded and the recordings and written materials will be used in the online School of Missions course, especially for candidates that cannot come for a six-week training period.

Elements of the School of Missions program will be used in a training program for EM pastors. This will be a combination of online study and intensive, short-term training. 

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